Friday, October 8, 2010

The Mind of a Leader

A couple of years ago, I gave a keynote speech on how to be an Extraordinary Leader. One of the participants wrote this poem for me and handed it to me at the end of the session. It makes me smile every time I run across this Dr. Seuss-like poem. I hope you enjoy it today!

“The Mind of a Leader”

Have you ever, in the morning,

went to jump out of bed,

and declared to yourself,

“Today I won’t get ahead”?

No, you see we must always

strive to be great,

or we’ll really be sad

and our work…second rate.

But how to be great?

With your strengths and your flaws?

So you try to correct those

flaws and it gnaws;

‘til you see they’re not fatal

and you must go to great lengths,

to focus on building

your positive strengths.

Your reward in the end

if you manage to muster

competence, work and passion to cluster?

Not money or fame but the

intellectual treat,

of enjoying your role

in a spot that is sweet.

-KA (Kurt Akaydin)