Saturday, May 22, 2010

Coaches - do you know where you are going?

You can't coach without a contract. What is a coaching contract? The agreement that you make with your coachee (your coaching client, the person you are coaching) regarding what you are both trying to accomplish in your conversation.

Getting a contract is not difficult. It just requires a few steps.
1. Ask the coachee what she wants to focus on. Examples of good questions to elicit this information:
"What is most important for us to focus on?"
"At the end of the conversation, what do you want to leave with?"
"How can I best help you with this issue?"
2. Listen carefully for a defined topic or outcome. Will you know when you've accomplished the objective? If not...
3. Clarify as needed.

Now you are both aligned regarding where you are going. Keep this as your target for the rest of the conversation!

Happy contracting!

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